In November 2008 the four friends Chris (aka Legolas), Leimy, Pneumator (aka Moshael) and Sebi sallied forth to celebrate a "Ruhrpott-shaking" Death Metal together.

In April 2010 a hobby producer was found in "Bauer" who recorded and mixed three songs for a first promo with the band. These songs should give a foretaste of the first album "Storm of Vengeance" and were recorded in the band´s rehearsal room. The result was distributed for free on festivals and concerts to make the band´s name more known.

In April 2011 the debut "Storm of Vengeance" was recorded by the band itself. It was recorded in Krefeld at the Beatpoint Studio by Klaus Spangenberg (Bloodred Angel, Crikey) and finally mixed and mastered by no one less than Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Ex-Bloodbath, Infestdead etc. pp.)!
Here a raw and brutal Old School Death Metal was provided, which was obviously influenced by Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Gorgasm, Morbid Angel or Asphyx.

In the following years the band could make itself a name in the local underground and absolved successful gigs with such notable bands as e.g.
Defeated Sanity, Sadistic Intent, Dehumanized, Cruciamentum, Obscure Infinity, Chapel of Disease, Phobiatic, Deserted Fear, Orphalis, Arroganz, Blood, Benighted, Lay Down Rotten, Diabolical Imperium, Vile, Tombthroat, Mass Infection, Lifeless, Putrid Pile, Cropment, Wound, Funeral Whore, Beheaded, Discreation, Deathronation, Possessed or, in May 2011, even with the mighty Morgoth!

Since then the band is always striving to play as much live gigs as possible.
Also Germany´s metal-press reacted positively to the band´s debut and even big zines like Deaf Forever, MetalHammer, RockHard or Legacy came up with enthusiastic reviews (which can be read on the Reckless Manslaughter Facebook-page).

In summer 2012 Dennis Geil joined the band as a 2nd guitar-player. Before he had already proved his skills with the local Death Metal-band "Depravity" and the classic Doomsters of "For God´s Sake" he is now freshening Reckless Manslaughter´s sound.


In February 2013 finally the recordings for the 2nd album "Blast into Oblivion" began. Again the album was recorded by Klaus Spangenberg at the Beatpoint Studio and again mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö. This time the amazing Juanjo Castellano was in charge of the cover artwork. This great artist has already been responsible for awesome works for bands like Revel in Flesh, Ribspreader, Putrevore, Vomitory and Blaspherian.
On their 2nd album the five guys are presenting a significally more diverse sound, extended with elements of Doom, restrained melodies and bone-crushing moshparts, yet without deviating too far from their previous course. As a supplement there are guestvocals by Ralf Jansen (Witchtower/Mortal Form) and Mike Hrubovcak (Monstrosity/Vile/Divine Rapture) and a special performance by Marc Niederhagemann (Lifeless) in terms of a melodic Sweden-Death outro-solo. The band contracted a record-deal and so the CD was released via the new Old School Death Metal Label "Final Gate Records" in October 2013!

In 2014 the band recorded three more tracks. The track “Yperit” was used for a split-single with the friends of Witchtower, which will be distrubited by the bands itself.
The artwork was done by finnish artist Eero Reiniaho (e.g. Stench Of Decay, Depression) and Thomas “Necromaniac” Westphal (e.g. Weak Aside, Deserted Fear).
The second track of that session is called “Amputation elegy” and was used as an exclusive bonus-track for a vinyl-re-release of the success-album “Blast Into Oblivion” and was released via the label “Pain-Is-Art-Records”. Stefan H. of Obscure Infinity contributed with an insane guest-solo.
The third song “Close The Coffin” was used for the 4-way-split-release “Sermon Of Ungodly Dreams” of famous German bands Arroganz, Lifeless and Obscure Infinity and was released in November 2015 via the German label “Supreme Chaos Records” on 12”-Vinyl. The cover was done by famous artist Nick Keller  (e.g. Black Dahlia Murder, Vomitous, concept-work for The Hobbit) while the logo was done by Sulphur Aeon-singer M.

After a successful year 2015 with great gigs and cool vinyl-releases the band was on a mini-tour in 2016 with their comrades in crime of ARROGANZ, LIFELESS and OBSCURE INFINITY. In summer 2016 RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER recorded a cover-song of TERRORIZER's "Enslaved By Propaganda" which was exclusively released on "A Tribute To Terrorizer" by Mediaplan. The third album is ready and will be released in May 2019.
Keep you eyes and ears open, we are not tired to kick your ass!